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    Celebrate Korean Black Day at Hansang Korean

    Posted by : HanSang Date : 09-04-2014 (Wed) Hit : 1,727

    Have you ever heard about Korean Black Day (14 April)?

    In South Korea, the singles gather and celebrate the singledom and eat Jajagmyun with the black attire on Black Day. 

    14th of every month in Korea is special day related to ‘love’. 
    For instance 14th Feb (Valentine’s Day) is the day for ladies to give chocolates for her loved one, and 14th Mar (White Day) is the day for gentleman to give candies back to his loved one. 

    After Valentine’s Day and White Day, Black Day on 14 April is specifically for those who were single on Valentine’s Day or White Day. 

    Single or not, HANSANG KOREAN RESTAURANT would love to invite you all to celebrate Black day!

    yes JajanyMyun + Yoolingi or Gganpunggi + Black Drinks is only at $21 

    * Set Menu is available in limited period
    * Available at all Hansang Korean Outlets (Novena, Holland Village, The Grandstand)
    * Make a reservation on website or call us on 
    (Novena 6397 6752, Holland Village 6464 5238, The Grandstand  6463 6508)