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    Cooking class 2014

    Posted by : HanSang Date : 25-01-2014 (Sat) Hit : 1,325

    Hands on Cooking class 

    The fee starts from $45.00 include material, meal, food to take home.

    Feb. Kimchi & Bossam (boiled pork): goes very well with Kimchi. it makes a complete set meal :Meal & 1Kg of Take home Kimchi $55.00

    Mar. Jabchae & Bibimbab:One of Korean representing dish, lots of vegetable ingredient, variety of Bibimbab :Meal & Take home $50.00

    Apr. Bulgogi: Sliced meat, marinated with Korean BBQ sauce, either stir fry or grill. Beef, Pork, Chicken or seafood.: Meal & Take home $55.00

    May. Jon : Excellent appetiser for everyday meal or party : Meal $45.00

    June. Ginseng Dish : Fresh Ginseng from Korea and daily delivered spring chicken make rich, nutritious and stress reliving soup. ginseng tea , ginseng tempura and more....: Meal & take home whole ginseng chicken soup & $65.00

    July. Danhobak Galbi Jjim (beef & pork): Slow cooked Beef or Pork stew with steamed sweet pumpkin. Sweet & tender meat with low in calorie, full of vitamin A,B,C & E,rich in antioxicants..".Sweet Pumpkin". Good for Ladies! : Meal $50.00

    Aug. Kimchi dishes : Kimchi hotpot, fried rice, soup, dubu Kimchi( Tofu & stir fried kimchi), kimchi pancake...$45.00...

    Sep. Korean Noodle : simple food still good taste. Korean noodles like Ddukguk(Sliced rice cake), dumpling soup, spicy dry noodle, Jajangmyun(Korean chinese black bean paste noodle, The most popular noodle dish in Korea among kids) :Meal $45.00

    Oct. Street snack variety: Ddukbokki, Oden, Deep fried variety,mini Kimbab,....; Meal $45.00

    Nov.Korean side dish: You can learn variety of Korean side dish making method which is healthy way of cooking. It applies to any dish: Meal & take home $55.00

    Dec. Hotpot & Porridge: Hotpot with porridge, Dakgalbi ( fried chicken with lotds of vegetable) with fried rice.
    During the winter season and for the festive period when we can share food.These are the recommended dishes.:$45.00