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    Zaobao article

    Posted by : HanSang Date : 13-10-2012 (Sat) Hit : 1,198
    Here's the Zaobao article which was published on Sat 26th Jan 2013.


    New Haven at Old Turf City: Setting New Standards for Dining

    Biggest Korean Restaurant

    The unique feature at Turf City is its spaciousness which Korean Restaurant owner, Son Mijin recognized at once & decided to open the biggest Korean restaurant in Singapore which sits 200 diners.

    Mijin, her husband & 3 kids have been living in Singapore for 13 years. She shed her housewife role in 2007 to open her first restaurant at Novena. 

    3 years later, she opened her 2nd outlet at Holland Village. She then opened her biggest outlet at Tuf City occupying 12,500 sq metres.

    At the interview, she commented on the benefit of a big space which allows her to have her central kitchen & ensure consistent quality across all three outlets.

    Mijin started her business with no experience but on the premises of delivering tasty dishes & quality ingredients. Armed with her 20 years of cooking skills and using high quality ingredients, she sets out to provide authentic Korean tastes & flavours to her diners. Her specialty dish, the Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup uses only authentic Korean ginseng, there are also dates, pine nuts & gingko nuts. Diners can also enjoy over 100 dishes & barbecue meats. Mijin also visits Korea to keep up to date with the latest food trends from Korea.

    The restaurant makes 200 kg of kimchi every week to fulfill the demands of the 3 outlets. Mijin added that with such a big space comes risks as well. Business is brisk during the weekends but quiet during the weekdays. She has collaborated with LotteMart to open a mini-mart so diners can buy Korean products at the restaurant. She is also holding cooking classes every month teaching Korean dishes. She hopes to encourage more interest in Korean cuisine so diners will come back for more.