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    • After six years in Singapore, my family had yet to find an authentic Korean restaurant where we could go to enjoy the food we so loved back home. This homesickness led me to want to share the diverse cuisine of Korea, using only the highest quality ingredients and every healthy trick in the book, as I do for my own family.

      Two years later, we opened HANSANG Korean Family Restaurant at Novena Square 2.

      Directly translated HANSANG means “a table full of food all the time”, and we've applied the concept throughout to create a welcoming, celebratory dining experience at all of our restaurants. From the beginning, we've taken care to ensure every decision is made with HANSANG in mind, and every recipe and ingredient reflects the kind of food that I prepare for my own family and friends at home.

      In 2010, we expanded the HANSANG family of restaurants to include an Izakaya& Charcoal BBQ at Holland Village.

      In addition to numerous features in various publications, including Epicure and Today, HANSANG at Holland Village hosted a rooftop after party for K-Pop sensation Wonder Girls with a customized menu and refreshments.

      Currently, all of our locations feature a la carte options as well as set meals, premium charcoal BBQ and authentic Korean beverages and desserts. We are also continuing to expand our Catering services to better accommodate the high demand and high profile events with prominent Korean companies and the Korean Embassy.

      So, in the spirit of HANSANG, we invite to join us for a taste of Korea, one table at a time.

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